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Plumbing solutions in Lexington, KY

We handle all plumbing services
Rapid Plumbing Inc'splumbing solutionsinclude everything you would expect, and more. We can install any plumbing related appliance in your home and ensure that it is in fine working order. Our team can also handle all plumbing installations and repairs, including drains, water heaters and more.

As a trusted plumbing solutions company in Lexington, KY, we take pride in providing fantastic service, great results, and excellent rates. We are fully accredited and qualified, and exceed all safety regulations and requirements. Call us for more information or to book a plumber today.


Rapid Plumbing Inc. is a leading provider of plumbing solutions in Lexington. We offer a range of plumbing solutions including:
  • General plumbing 
  • Drainage and sewage 
  • Cracked or clogged pipes 
  • Leaking sinks, faucet's and toilets
To schedule service, call us in Lexington today.


Along with providing full scale plumbing solutions, Rapid Plumbing Inc can repair or maintain any equipment or appliances connected to your water mains. Our services include:
  • Bathtub and shower repair 
  • Sinks and toilet installation and repair

Emergency services

In the event of a plumbing emergency, trust Rapid Plumbing Inc to minimize the damage through our trusted and efficient plumbing solutions and ensure the safety of your family. We’re available to diagnose and repair the problem in most cases the same day.

Your home is your priority. Keeping it up and running is ours.
Plumbing solutions in Lexington, KY
Reliable plumbing solutions in Lexington, KY
Reliable plumbing solutions in Lexington, KY
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