Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing in Lexington, KY

Even if you feel especially handy around the house, there are some tasks you may want to leave to the professionals, like backflow testing. Backflow occurs when the water's direction reverses in the pipe, so you might see dirty water coming back into your bathtubs, sinks, or other plumbing features. Backflow can also contaminate clean water sources and endanger your family, so it's best to catch it right away.

Rapid Plumbing Inc of Lexington, KY can help you with this task. We have served local residents and business owners since 1989, so you can depend on us to do a thorough job when we test your plumbing for backflow. You can also trust us to make lasting repairs to ensure backflow doesn't plague your property in the future.

Choose Us for Regular Testing or for an Emergency

With regular backflow testing, we can catch problems as they happen and ensure you and your family avoid contamination. We also work around
your schedule so you can get on with everyday life instead of worrying about backflow. We can usually visit on the same day that you call us.

Rapid Plumbing Inc offers emergency services as well. If you notice a serious backflow problem in your Lexington, KY home outside normal
business hours, give us a call. We can respond to disasters any time, day or night, even on weekends. And though we believe in prompt,
dependable service, we don't make you pay a fortune for it. We give you exceptional work for reasonable prices.

Schedule Your Service Call

To book a time for backflow testing at your Lexington, KY home or business, call Rapid Plumbing Inc at (859) 269-8800. We're also happy to
answer your questions and walk you through our other plumbing services. We will work hard to earn your respect and build a relationship with
Backflow testing in Lexington, KY
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